Our Pedagogy

  • Begin with a diagnostic questionnaire. Our team will determine strengths and areas to target for improvement, along with any areas of concern

  • Based on the assessment results we then match your child with one of our compatible OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) coaches who will have specializations in the desired subject and grade level

  • In consultation with the schoolcoach teacher, student and parent, we will then formulate a customized plan to address your child's academic needs

  • Our personable, experienced and committed team of online coaches provide quality when delivering instruction, assessment and support online. By using a growth mindset, along with the latest in online tools, we are ready to motivate your child and help support them in their academic goals

  • Transparency is key at SchoolCoach. Therefore, we record every session and archive it away. Parents will be given access to these videos upon request

  • Lastly, forget a concept or a theory, no problem, just go back through the archives and you'll have all the answers right at your fingertips